God’s Faithfulness

This post is all about God’s faithfulness to us. If you’re in a season of unknown or hardship, keep pressing into to God as He will be there every step of the way.  The key in the photo above represents hours and hours of prayer, perseverance and trust. This key demonstrates God’s faithfulness. This key brings about closure to years of waiting and uncertainty as we stepped out in faith and into the transition from local YWAM base leadership in Belize to significant global roles and serving from Kona. This key is the key to the house that God provided! Was it a difficult path?  Yes. Was the path filled with unknowns and ‘out of this world’ trusting God for something we could not do in our own strength?  Yes, most definitely. Whatever the situation, however long it takes, good or bad… trust God. He is the key to everything we will ever go through.
Many of you have been asking how you can help with our transition from Belize to working more globally with YWAM. We have had a number of large expenses  with our move as well as setting up a house (washer/dryer, fridge, new flooring, paint etc…).  We’d like to suggest three options:
2 Lowes Hardware Gift Card
3. Costco Cash Card
Our mailing address is:
Chris and Lynn Toney
PO Box 4555
Kailua Kona, HI 96745
Any of the three options would be a HUGE blessing in helping us tackle the needs as we complete this transition and continue our work now on a global level. We are trusting that you will hear from God in whichever option and whatever amount you feel you are to give. Every amount counts.
Thanks and bless you!
Chris and Lynn

Spying Out The Land

Sea of Galilee

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the, “Can you Guess” the country we are in!
We had a number of family, friends and supporters send guesses on countries from Mongolia to Myanmar. All over the world people were guessing where we are.

A big shout out to those who guessed correctly. We love hearing from the diversity of people we have meet over the years. People that guessed correctly ranged from former students from our Island Mercy days in the South Pacific, to staff at YWAM DP,  to friends who crewed with us on the Anastasis in Africa to long time friends who support us in prayer and finances.

The country we are in, is… ISRAEL.

With our return home to Kona we felt the timing was now!  We have been feeling for some time to visit Israel and had an opportunity on our way back from teaching and ministry in Nepal and India to spend a little time in this amazingly rich, holy and beautiful country.  This time in Israel was to “spy out the land”. We have lots to share about some upcoming ministry opportunities here in Israel that may well include you!  As we continue to seek the Lord for what our global roles look like as we serve in and through YWAM, be on the lookout for more information on how Chris and Lynn, our family, friends and supporters can join together to experience and share Gods love in this incredible country.

Chris and Lynn

Freedom in Belize

As many of you know, I (Lynn) had the privilege of going back to teach last week to the base Chris and I  founded in  the Caribbean. YWAM DP in Belize is thriving and doing well after an intense few years as we have handed over the leadership and day to day operations of the base and have become more global in our service with YWAM. Last year, in the midst of the final stages of transition,  Hurricane Earl made landfall near YWAM DP. The base was fortunate as there was no one was injured during the hours that the hurricane was over Belize. Sadly, the dock, a number of main buildings  and dining area were destroyed; needing much in the way of finances, prayer and hard work to regain footing so that the base could still be in operation. I am so proud of each staff and leadership team member for standing tall during the storm and ending of our transition time. 

My week of teaching is called Freedom Week. The teaching is broken into daily topics that bring revelation to our walk in the Lord, pointing out where we can stumble creating areas of bruising and pain in our walk with Christ.  Each day we journey together through subjects that get in the way of our calling and mandate as believes:

Monday: Choice in sinning- (as believers, we don’t have to sin)  1 Corinthians 10:5. The story of the valley of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37

Tuesday: Emotional Health or “Trusting your Gut”- Knowing how we are designed by God in heart, mind and soul through 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Philippians 4: 6-7.  Using the Holy Spirit to help us get back on track for God.

Wednesday: Numbing- (not having any emotions in life). Differences between conviction and condemnation. Who is  in your head (God, lies of the enemy or self)?

Thursday: Un-Forgiveness- This is the number one issue most Christians have in what blocks them for a rich abiding relationship with Christ, Romans 12:17-19.

Friday: Spiritual Time Line- Praying over and dealing with our past so that it doesn’t dictate our present day and into our future, Ephesians 5:8.

The theme of “ Freedom” is seeing the choices that we make, or made by others, awareness of sins and/or wrong thinking  and conviction of sin  and  the places of repentance, so that students are turning back to Christ. This week is power packed and emotional as God uncovers the heart wounds and restores the brokenhearted back to Himself.

*Coming soon:  Be looking for a posting on one of these teaching topics.

** A big thank you to Rachel Collins for taking photos of me while teaching.       



2017 Brings a Whole Lot of New Things for Chris and Lynn 

  • New base location to serve through Youth With A Mission
  • New  roles to define and learn
  • New richness in the Lord
  • New place to lay our heads
  • New friendships to grow in
  • New challenges and growth
  • New training, teaching, bible research/projects, counseling and leadership opportunities to share
  • New countries to explore and connect 


  • New passports to break in.

The past 20 years serving in missions has been wonderful… so many memories, challenges and joys.  This current season, a continuation of our service with YWAM with a freshness and newness… well, let it be all for Gods glory.

As Chris and Lynn set out for almost a month’s worth of traveling: to teach, to counsel to love on those in need of Christ’s love, we appreciate your prayers. 

Belize. Nepal. & India. Also, a surprise mystery country we are visiting for ministry opportunities that quiet possibly could involve YOU.. in the near future!! 

Stay tuned for more info. 

What Missionary Support Is

We recently sent an email out to our whole list of those on our support team which in part, cited a portion of the “Contact and Support” page on this website.  In this email, (and in the text on the page with the link just above) we tried to express something that we’ve believed since the beginning of our missions experience 20 years ago – that is that missionary support is not primarily about money… but it is about relationship, prayer, communication, encouragement and all other types of support including money.  The foundation of support is and has to be love and prayer in both directions.

In the email we sent recently, we mentioned that we don’t talk about money very often but it’s time to do that since our transition has brought us to a place that has a higher cost of living and we are traveling to teach and speak much more than we ever have and those trips, especially to the developing world, often have to be paid for our of our own financial support.  In addition to praying for us and being the sort of support team member we talk about often, would you pray and seek the Lord about supporting us financially with monthly or one time tax deductible donations?    As the Lord leads, please visit our support page in this site for just how to give.

Please also let us know how you are and how we can pray for you.  Thanks, Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

Deeper and Wider


“Our net will go deeper and wider”. This statement is one of many that we have heard over the course of our transition which has lead us to serve with YWAM much more globally than ever. The casting of our “nets” has begun with our roles being more and more defined here at the base in Kona. Many of you on our support team are not aware that I have been doing biblical (lay) counseling for years. My net has expanded to not only counseling students here at YWAM Kona, but also staff and leaders. What a privilege to counsel, mentor and coach those on the front lines! In just a few short weeks during this quarter I have been able to impact those from Korea, USA, Germany, Sweden, Holland, England and Canada- all serving in full times missions. The deepening of the net creates life for those needing refreshment, and imparts more “spiritual” tools to those bringing the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world.  Plans are being made for me to train others in leadership and to teach in various schools on the campus and around the world. Upcoming trips include traveling to Belize to teach and a trip to India to help a fellow missionary overseeing orphans.