Our Latest Newsletter

A Family on the GO!

Hi Friends and Family,
As a result of much prayer, listening to the Lord and extensive preparations, the transition we’ve been talking about for a long time has come to its culmination. We are very excited to now be serving globally from Kona. Please read on and be updated on our family’s extensive travels and great work around the world.

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Winding Down in SoCal

This quarter at Fuller and a very “intense” Greek Intensive are just about finished.  We are very excited to jump on a plane on Saturday the 3rd of September for Kansas City and YWAM Together – one of the largest gatherings of YWAMers ever!  Following YWAM Together, we’ll make our way to Kona and our transition will finally be complete!  Much more on that soon…

Lets Get Together


We are very excited to be in Western Washington in a few weeks and have planned two casual gathering times where we can hang out and catch up. We’d very much love to see you and hope you can drop by for a while either Saturday or Sunday, June 18th or 19th.

Saturday June 18th 1-4pm
Todd and Karen Mortensen’s
4609- 240th Street SE
Bothell WA 98021

Sunday June 19th 12-3pm
Tully’s Coffee – Canyon Park
22615 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell WA 98021

Blog Details

Our blog site mentality is “keep it clean and simple”.  With that in mind, let us highlight a couple of things.  In the upper right of your screen are two links: “home” and “details”.  The “home” page is where the blog posts are found.  We also encourage you to follow us from the link in the right hand column of the home page.

The “details” link contains two pages, one where we outline our travel schedule and another that gives our contact and support information.  Of special note is the wording on the contact and support page regarding our missions support mentality – please have a look!

Major Step Forward

Sold1As you know we have four primary elements to the transition we are currently in.  To remind you quickly, they are: the sale of our home on Whidbey and purchase of home in Kona, doing our best to secure the long term presence of YWAM DP in our presently leased property in Belize, the formation and development of our leadership team and the completion of Chris’s academic endeavors.  The first of these elements has taken a very major step forward as we have sold our house on Whidbey Island!

We first put the house on the market in July 2015 and were hopeful it would sell last summer – but it did not.  Then as the Fall and Winter have come and gone, we fought discouragement but we finally received an offer a couple of months ago.  The inspection, buyers financing, and everything else has come together and we have just signed the papers on the sale.   Needless to say, we are very excited about the fact that this major step forward in our transition has taken place and we’ll continue to work on the other elements.  Thanks so much for your prayers!  Please keep praying as we dive into a home search in Kona (from a distance), work on renewing the lease for the property in Belize, continue to see (and help facilitate) the YWAM DP leadership team mature and deepen in very exciting ways and the completion of Chris’ graduate schooling in September.  God is good!

House Offer Received!

We are very excited to announce that after months of prayer, hoping, strategic planning and hard work, we have received and accepted an offer for our house on Whidbey Island. As an important step in our transition to serving with YWAM globally from Kona, we initially listed the house back in July 2015 and unfortunately had to come down further than we wanted to on the price, but as long as everything goes through as it now seems it will, we should be able to close in April.  If we are able to close as expected, this brings us one large step further forward in our transition and opens the door to our upcoming move to Kona and our work with YWAM globally.  Thanks so much for your prayers!  Please do continue to pray for the sale of our house on Whidbey; that we are able to close as expected.