2017 Brings a Whole Lot of New Things for Chris and Lynn 

  • New base location to serve through Youth With A Mission
  • New  roles to define and learn
  • New richness in the Lord
  • New place to lay our heads
  • New friendships to grow in
  • New challenges and growth
  • New training, teaching, bible research/projects, counseling and leadership opportunities to share
  • New countries to explore and connect 


  • New passports to break in.

The past 20 years serving in missions has been wonderful… so many memories, challenges and joys.  This current season, a continuation of our service with YWAM with a freshness and newness… well, let it be all for Gods glory.

As Chris and Lynn set out for almost a month’s worth of traveling: to teach, to counsel to love on those in need of Christ’s love, we appreciate your prayers. 

Belize. Nepal. & India. Also, a surprise mystery country we are visiting for ministry opportunities that quiet possibly could involve YOU.. in the near future!! 

Stay tuned for more info. 

What Missionary Support Is

We recently sent an email out to our whole list of those on our support team which in part, cited a portion of the “Contact and Support” page on this website.  In this email, (and in the text on the page with the link just above) we tried to express something that we’ve believed since the beginning of our missions experience 20 years ago – that is that missionary support is not primarily about money… but it is about relationship, prayer, communication, encouragement and all other types of support including money.  The foundation of support is and has to be love and prayer in both directions.

In the email we sent recently, we mentioned that we don’t talk about money very often but it’s time to do that since our transition has brought us to a place that has a higher cost of living and we are traveling to teach and speak much more than we ever have and those trips, especially to the developing world, often have to be paid for our of our own financial support.  In addition to praying for us and being the sort of support team member we talk about often, would you pray and seek the Lord about supporting us financially with monthly or one time tax deductible donations?    As the Lord leads, please visit our support page in this site for just how to give.

Please also let us know how you are and how we can pray for you.  Thanks, Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

Deeper and Wider


“Our net will go deeper and wider”. This statement is one of many that we have heard over the course of our transition which has lead us to serve with YWAM much more globally than ever. The casting of our “nets” has begun with our roles being more and more defined here at the base in Kona. Many of you on our support team are not aware that I have been doing biblical (lay) counseling for years. My net has expanded to not only counseling students here at YWAM Kona, but also staff and leaders. What a privilege to counsel, mentor and coach those on the front lines! In just a few short weeks during this quarter I have been able to impact those from Korea, USA, Germany, Sweden, Holland, England and Canada- all serving in full times missions. The deepening of the net creates life for those needing refreshment, and imparts more “spiritual” tools to those bringing the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world.  Plans are being made for me to train others in leadership and to teach in various schools on the campus and around the world. Upcoming trips include traveling to Belize to teach and a trip to India to help a fellow missionary overseeing orphans. 


Ending Bible Poverty


It has been so good to be here in Kona and to get going on my part in the effort to end Bible poverty.  The global effort by YWAM, Wycliffe, CRU, Faith Comes By Hearing, The Seed Company, The Billy Graham Evangelical Association, The Jesus Film Project and many others to end Bible poverty has two primary objectives, and I am blessed to be personally involved in both.  First, we need to see God’s word translated into every language on earth and then given to all. Second, people need to understand God’s Word, His nature and character, His desire for redemption, and His love.  I am currently working hard formatting the Greek New Testament text to fit the SourceView format and will be working on the Hebrew Bible soon.  I so look forward to a day soon when original languages will be incorporated into the SourceView Bible App and used in very effective ways around the world to bring translations of the Bible to the remaining 1700 or so people groups that have no bible in their own language.  In addition to working hard on the research side of things, I look forward to a considerable amount of  travel around the world speaking and teaching.  Your prayers are most desired and appreciated!


Our Latest Newsletter

A Family on the GO!

Hi Friends and Family,
As a result of much prayer, listening to the Lord and extensive preparations, the transition we’ve been talking about for a long time has come to its culmination. We are very excited to now be serving globally from Kona. Please read on and be updated on our family’s extensive travels and great work around the world.

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